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Survey, Marketing, Advertisement / Publication Plan, Editorial Works, Production
Internet and IT / Planning and Production of Visual Materials

Publication Plan, Editorial Works, Production

gDoronh / Online magazine for senior readers

gMOCOh / Monthly information magazine of a major credit card company

gDepapa Tsushinh / Newsletter of New Zealand Tourism Office

gsaitah / General monthly magazine

JTBfs gRurubuh series / Annual visual guidebook of overseas destinations
(versions handled - Italy, Seoul, New Zealand, Thailand, Switzerland, China, Vietnam & Angkor Wat, Spain & Portugal, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, U.K., Disney Resorts in U.S.A.)

JTBfs gWorld Guideh series / Overseas Travel Guidebook
(versions handled - Australia, Florida & East Coast, South U.S.A., Sydney & Gold Coast, Malaysia & Brunei, Philippines & Cebu, Vietnam & Angkor Wat, Spain, London, New York, Egypt)

JTB gPocket Guideh Produced handy overseas travel guidebook series

Monthly gInfotrendh Wrote articles for and edited the magazine, which introduces the latest information for technical visits to America and Canada)

Others / Map of Japan, World map, etc.

-- Major countries visited for assignments - photo stocks available --
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Canada, America, Australia, Austria, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, France, U.K., Spain, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Jamaica, Maldives, Italy, Silk Road, New Zealand, Philippines, Brunei, New Caledonia, Korea, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Egypt, Cambodia, Indonesia & Bali, Oman, Dubai, Laos

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